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SNK (characters included) do not belong to me. Only Hajime Isayama has this right. Also I do not own Sponge bob or any art work. That belongs to all respective parties
No music this time just my own guilt to motivate me.
This is the conclusion! I'm very surprised and EXTREMELY grateful anyone is even still here with me. I have absolutely no excuses for the long LONG LONG LONG LONG break I took. I would be immensely disappointed as I have been before when a story I liked abruptly stopped. So for that I AM TRULY SORRY! I will finish this and hopefully its an ending you all will enjoy as well as do a few commissions I never finished. Again I apologize if the length of time ruined the flow of the story for you and the ending seems wack now because of it and I thank you if you are still here regardless. Here you go,

    It's hot, unbearably so and as you slowly blink into consciousness you realize just how much you ache everywhere. Squinting profusely around the room you come to realize you're still on the floor. Levi doesn't seem to be anywhere around you either and as you sit up fully you realize why. The sun is high in the sky signifying that it is most certainly mid afternoon. "No surprise there I guess" you mumble to yourself as you stretch out the kinks and pick yourself up off the floor. "Where could Levi have gone to?". Shaking your head you figure the best you can do is make the room and yourself presentable and join the living world.
    A quick run through of the room provided you with what was left of your clothing. Shrugging it on you then strip whats left of the bed sheets and all materials from the floor and place them in the washing bin. Once you've remade the bed and cleared the room to Levi's standards you make your way to the door. Finger crossed you silently pray "Please no one be in the hall, please" and gently pry the door open. Seeing the coast is clear you quickly shut the door behind you and race for your quarters. Grab a fresh pair of clothes and continue your mad dash to the showers.
    "Kinda surprised no one saw me, however at this time they would be training. That would also explain where Levi went". Placing your clothes down on a bench you make your way to the shower. Turning the handle the hot water bares down on your sore body giving it a much needed reprieve after all the madness. Sighing you turn to begin scrubbing your hair to  be met with the door to the showers opening. In piles Sasha and Mikasa.
    Their eyes connect with yours and  all conversation abruptly stops. Sasha comes running over to you and immediately embraces you in a hug. "(YN) OMG! you're alive! I was so worried. well not so worried that I couldn't eat of course but I thought for sure you were dead! We all did! After that stunt there was no way the Corporal would just let you off with a tie up to a post , although that was pretty intense , He had that look in his eyes you know? The one where an animal just knows its caught its prey but isn't ready to devour it. No it wants to make a game of it first. I'm telling you I lived around that all my life before coming here." Grasping you by the arms you can tell Sasha is one step away from hyperventilating and no wonder too. "I suppose no one really did see me after the whole mess" you mumble wearily. Slightly uncomfortable with your state of undress and still undoubtedly sore you meet Sasha's eyes "  Look guys I'm really sorry I scared you, I did receive punishment which I deserved because Corporal Levi is our superior and I was allowing my personal emotions to affect things but as his subordinate the corporal would never harm any of us. Of this I'm absolutely certain." Looking down at Sasha's grip on your arms you weakly murmur "Sasha if you could please?"
    Following your line of sight Sasha jumps back as if she were burned. Rubbing the back of her neck she chuckles "Sorry! Sorry! (YN) I guess I got a little overexcited there". You're right about the Corporal I suppose, I'm just glad you're okay". Walking over to her own stall Sasha begins her shower. Realizing you aren't quite being left to your own devices you see Mikasa staring at you with an indescribable expression. Sighing you meet her gaze "Yes Mikasa"?
    "Personal emotions (YN)?" She responds quietly. GODDAMMIT me and my big mouth of course she caught that. It's Mikasa why wouldn't she. Levi and I never discussed going private. I've only just got him to myself I'm not ready to turn this into a Scouting Legion saga. Oh no shes still looking, quick say something, anything! Coughing you choke out "Yeah, personal emotions, haha umm because the corporal is such a tight ass you know?" He's got a beautiful tight ass that's for sure I just wanna NO STOP SHES STILL LOOKING, "It's just being his personal assistant isn't easy. It's all like clean this, now that is pathetic clean it again. is this tea? or mud with water? haha so I guess I just let my personal frustrations get to me is all, no big deal Mikasa" HOLY SHIT please buy it. Stop looking at me and just say okay, go take a shower that's why you're here! Let me finish so I can go find Levi and figure this out, or bury my head in the dirt... Glaring slightly Mikasa just nods her head and turns to walk away. THANK SINA... "Oh and (YN)? FUCK ... "Yes Mikasa?" you answer. She levels you with the most intense glare she can manage sending a quick shiver down your spine. "If that shorty ever goes too far in his orders you come and get me, I still owe him for Eren I won't let him take advantage of my other squad mates as well okay?" Jeez that went from zero to a hundred real quick, it isn't taking advantage if I'm practically begging for it, nor are you going anywhere near that glorious ass lemme tell you ... "Uh alright Mikasa, thanks I appreciate it". Nodding again she turns away and walks to the stall "If you don't wanna be bombarded by anyone else with questions I suggest you finish, training is over and everyone has a few hours to relax before dinner. No doubt others will be here shortly" Mikasa calls over her shoulder. "Yeah thanks" you call out as you turn to finish. That's what I was trying to do until you leveled me with a Hanji - All about titans level inquisition.
Shaking your head you hurry through the rest of your shower and quickly done your clean uniform. I've been resting all day as Levi promised, I'll make my way down to the food hall and see if there is anything  can do at the very least. Taking the steps down two at a time you hit the main level of the castle. As you exit the stairwell to lead into the food hall you walk smack dab into a wall, or at least what felt like a wall. Grabbing your forehead you peer upwards. "Le..Levi?" Looking back at you with an astonished expression he quickly morphs into his usual stoicism he winks and addresses you. "Oi! If it isn't my tiny damnation for an assistant. Have you gotten enough rest from yesterdays events?" Before you can answer he speaks again "I'll answer for you, since youre up and walking around I will take that as a yes, considering you look scattered brained as ever I will let that slip go just once. You will address me as corporal or sir, is that understood?" Glancing at him you act on instinct, "Yes sir" rings out loud and clear followed by a salute. Allowing his lip to curl up ever so slightly into a grin he continues "Good, since you haven't died I will put you back into the swing of things, dinner duty with Shitty glasses is your chore for the night, I'd call that an even trade off for the mini vacation you had this morning, wouldn't you cadet?"
    Still saluting you let out a "Yes Corporal" loud and clear. Nodding at you he makes to move past you "Oh and cadet?" turning your head you meet his eyes "I expect you in my office immediately after dinner, you missed a lot during training today and I'm positive there is work to catch up on." Frowning you reply with a very unenthusiastic "Yes Sir". Just like that he's gone to do god knows what, god knows well.
Oh well I get that nothing can change in public between us and I was coming to look for something to do anyway, although if he can call last night a vacation, my body would have to disagree. Now that is. I'll just speak to him tonight. Making your way down the hallway you encounter quite a few other trainees looking at you with astonishment. Quickening your steps you rush to the kitchen. They won't say anything in front of Hanji although she is sure to interrogate me . Whatever I would prefer her right now, just got to make it a little farther, and there she is.
"Squad leader!" you call out. Quickening your pace you rush up to her. "I was assigned dinner duty tonight with you" as soon as you finish the sentence you regret your words. Pushing up her glasses she grabs your arm and literally jumps into the air. "YAHOOOOO! That's great news I have so much to ask you! That shorty never talks to me, never mind when I ask to experiment on him. You can tell me everything I need to know. After all I did help you (YN)" suddenly scared you try to extract your arm to no avail "ex...experiment, on the co..corporal"? grinning she just grabs you along. "I'll explain everything in the kitchen and you'll tell me all I want to know right? Yes! Good lets go!" Taking off with you in tow you realize theres no going back. I do owe her, I'll just tell her the basics nothing to in depth. Besides I only have to last two hours ...

    Dragging yourself from the kitchen bowl of stew and bread intact you head straight for the back table. Had you know Hanji would be that relentless you would have volunteered for stable duty. That was brutal and she won't stop smiling, what's so amusing anyway? I mean I suppose corporal never had a relationship like this from what I understand but I think shes more excited than either of us are. Crazy ass woman. Placing your food down you sit and begin to eat. Feeling eyes on you, you look up to be met with none other than the corporal staring at you and both Hanji and Mikasa staring at him from different parts of the food hall. Sighing you shake your head and look back towards your meal. As you continue to eat you notice his eyes never leave you. What is he doing? Just a little obvious huh Levi? Just as you look up to convey that message to him you see him push his chair back dispose of his mess and leave the mess hall. Oh well , atleast I can finish eating, this day really needs to end. I'll go see him after this and be done with today.
Finishing your food, you clear your place and head to the exit. Not before catching Hanji, and surprisingly Erwin's eye who seems to have dined with everyone else tonight. Both give you a smile varying in their degrees of creepiness and you nod back. Into the hallway, and up the stairs you go you find yourself outside of the corporals room in no time. Knocking you barely open your mouth to announce yourself before you're dragged in and the door is shut with you pushed up against it. Not a word is spoken but one pf the corporals hands find your waist, the other finds your throat applying just a bit of pressure to exert his hold on you but not enough to harm and his lips crash onto yours.
    Heat envelopes you from the tips of your toes all the way up to your scalp. As his tongue forces its way into your mouth tingles erupt all over your body and pleasure spikes up your spine. As soon as he break away to trail his lips down your throat you take in some much needed oxygen. "You.. you barely gave me a chance Levi, what if that was some poor recruit on the other end?" Smirking he stops his ministrations on your throat to meet your eyes and chuckle. "I suppose (YN) he or she would have thought I was looking to kill them. Would probably help me more than hurt me to have that circulating with how soft you seem to be making me " a blush arises on your face spreading all the way down your chest. "Yes, well I suppose so, Levi, Hanji and the commander know everything and I worry Mikasa is beginning to suspect. What do we do?"  Rubbing his forehead to yours Levi reposition's his hands to rub up and down your arms. "I've never been in this predicament before (YN) but if Erwin disagreed I'm sure I would have heard something by now. Our relationship isn't exactly conventional but I'm okay with it if you are. I suggest we don't confirm or deny anything. We will act or try to act as we have always done with each other in public and what others assume is out of our hands hmm?"
    Smiling back at him you nod your head "Yes Levi, I think that would be that best course of action as well". Running his hands through your hair Levi smiles back pulling you in for a kiss he stops just a breath away from your lips "(YN) do you remember what I said the first time I spoke to you directly? After you were first assigned my assistant?" Shaking your head you frown at him. "Actually no what?" ugh I dont care at this moment Levi god, just kiss me already wont you. Smirking at you he moves one hand to cup the back of your head. Letting his breath ghost over your lips he says "You're mine". As your lips meet you can't help but thing Maybe being his Personal Assistant isn't that bad after all.


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I'll keep it brief . Female, Random state, over 21 under 25. Currently obsessed with Levi and all things SNK but that is subject to change my obsessions seems to change like the weather. it always ends up being a specific type or with similarities between them but heyyyyy w.e. Just started here, always thought to make something but couldn't get past my own procrastination and find the right inspiration. Got it now and I'm giving it a shot so please guys go easy on me Lol. Depending on the anime or story I would consider doing requests but I wont take on a project I don't feel knowledgeable about simply out of respect. So if you ask and I deny it don't take it personally. If you really want to then we can discuss the story line and how you want it to go. Explain the characters and Ill see what I can do. But that's a ways off yet.

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